Mutton – Biryani Pieces


Without liver and kidney
Without any added chemicals and preservatives
Because of Lockdown, Mutton – Biryani Pieces may not be available. Please contact our team by call or whatsapp on 9824 632 632

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Mutton is meat from a goat that is older than 1 year, ideally 2.5 years old. It is an intense red colour and contains a considerable amount of fat. It has a strong flavour that takes time to be acquired. Being rich in high-quality protein and many vitamins and minerals, it can be an excellent component of a healthy diet.
Mutton is a high-quality protein source, providing all nine essential amino acids your body needs for growth and maintenance.It may be especially beneficial for bodybuilders, recovering athletes, and people post-surgery.
It is rich in vitamins and minerals like B12, selenium, zinc, niacin, phosphorus, and iron.
Aside from vitamins and minerals, it contains a number of bioactive nutrients and antioxidants like creatine, taurine, glutathione, conjugated linoleic acid(CLA), and cholesterol.
We at can provide you with the best quality mutton meat cuts of all types.


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