Fresh Mutton with Bones – Mince

Mutton Kheema


Because of Lockdown, FRESH MUTTON WITH BONES – MINCE may not be available. Please contact our team by call or whatsapp on 9824 632 632

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Mutton Keema (Mutton Mince) is great to improve your physical performance. It contains the amino acid beta-alanine, which your body uses to produce carnosine, a substance necessary for muscle function.High levels of carnosine in human muscles have been associated with decreased fatigue and improved exercise performance. Therefore, regular consumption of mutton mince may benefit athletes and those who want to optimize their physical performance. It is also great for maintaining a good metabolic rate.

You can use it in a huge variety of recipes like, mutton keema biryani, mutton keema curry, mutton keema balls and vada, etc.

We, at are dedicated to offer you, our customers who prefer to include the highly nutritious mutton in their diet through mutton keema,the best quality mutton keema available at great prices.


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